Welcome my name is Candice and I am the creator of Bo.Dahlia. I am a Mother, Wife, Sister and Aunt, all roles I love and am proud to Be however,  in being all of these I lost sight of my Self.

A journey was to follow in re discovering my new identity as a mother whilst still nourishing my Self. It lead me to mindful practices and meditation which have become a huge part of my daily life!


With a background in Hairstyling and Bridal design prior to Motherhood I decided to marry my new passion of mindfulness and meditation with my craft and love of design.

Which is why I have created Bo.Dahlia, as a HOME and welcoming space for Women to nurture our connection to Self through how we consciously dress and express ourselves daily along with daily self awareness practices.


It is through our connection to Self that we can be the BEST Mother, Wife, Sister and Daughters. So I believe it is the most important connection to nurture daily. Through what we choose to do, think and how we dress.

I believe clothing is how we express ourselves before  even speaking a word and greatly effects how we feel daily. Over time I will be sharing more and more information on my learnings and personal experiences with re-discovering Self and sharing small curated collections of thoughtfully made garments and accessories.

I hope you enjoy the journey and welcome to Bo.Dahia.


I am so grateful for your presence here  x