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2019  Bo.Dahlia

Plant Magic

Do you LOVE your natural perfume roller and want to dive DEEPER into ESSENTIAL OILS

LEARN how to BLEND your own scents, NATURAL skincare or or LUXURY body products...


I fell in LOVE with Essential Oils as they brought me closer to Mama Earth on a daily basis.

Our lives these days can become so disconnected from Nature and yet our bodies NEED nature to survive and FEEL at it's best!

Having essential oils into your life not only CONNECTS you back into Mama EARTH it also connects you back into yourSelf.

They allow you to tap into your own INNER WISDOM which we are often told to ignore and think more with our heads.

Essential Oils have not only allowed me to connect back into mySelf they have also EMPOWERED me to support my families HEALTH and wellbeing.

It is such a great feeling to able to help your sick children when they are feeling unwell with colds and knowing you have nature at your fingertips to support their little bodies.

I began using Essential oils to help my children SLEEP, and have more settled nights which they definitely have helped in this area of life however, slowly but surely over time Essential Oils have became a part of our daily LIFESTYLE for myself and my family.

Depending on how I am feeling throughout the day I will intuitively pick an oil to SUPPORT me emotionally, especially in those moments of OVERWHELM. They help to bring me back to my centre and look at the big picture to move through my day with more EASE.

We often use Lavender for those little boo boo's and Franki has honestly been a skin saviour on my dehydrated skin!

























Now I must also mention that not all essential oils are created equal and it is so important to be sure you only purchase Essential oils from reputable companies that offer the highest grade PURE essential oils. Companies can (as many do) label their oils as PURE however these are often laced with harmful chemicals (think endocrine disrupters mimicking your bodies hormones) and things you simply do not want to be putting on your skin. Remember our SKIN is our largest organ and what we put on it can go straight into our bloodstream.

For this reason I only ever use and recommend doTERRA Essential oils. Their quality is second to none and the work they are doing in the world as a company is an inspiration. They are continually working with their suppliers for better working conditions and pay, building infrastructure in places it otherwise would have taken many more years to develop it is truely is inspiring and more of what the WORLD needs today.


You didn't just stumble upon this page as I didn't just stumble across essential oils 3 years ago, it is YOUR inner guidance leading your way to a NATURAL solution to your DESIRES.

The best and most economical way to start is with a INTRODUCTORY kit (which there are many to chose from to suit your budget. DoTERRA also have a beautiful and GENEROUS Loyalty rewards program. which allows you to purchase LOW TOX household cleaning products and BEAUTY products and get oils for FREE. Switching to low tax has never been easier when you can have all of your household low-tox products delivered to your home each month from one supplier.  I know I use to often spend a lot of time on the internet of going from one health food store to the next looking for my low-tox products.

If essential oils are calling you I would love to support you on your Oil journey. Please do not hesitate to email me today if you have any questions regarding the oils or Company I would LOVE to chat with you. Allowing me to guide you also includes becoming part of an EPIC community all leading the way, and CONNECTING with each other through the LOVE of Essential Oils.

Plant Magic