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2019  Bo.Dahlia

Thank you for being here, I have a pot of warm milk on the stove brewing some delicious Chai would you like to join me?


Let me tell you a little about me......I am Candice.

In what almost feels like a past life pre Motherhood I had a career in Hairdressing and bridal fashion spanning over 10 years I then took an extended maternity break with my second child  .


 Becoming a mother sent me on a huge journey of Self discovery I never anticipated. 2018 brought with it many lows and highs as I worked through some health issues and major personal growth mentally, physically and spiritually. 

As a result my entire world has changed yet with nothing really changing to look at it from the outside. Everything that changed occurred within Me and now life looks a whole lot brighter and beautiful by the day.

I am slowly igniting my creative fire again in a way that works with my family with two little ones at home with me.

It is now my goal to help connect women just like me back into themselves.

One word

One Breathe

One SOUL spark 

at a time.

Wanna join Me?

I would love to get to know YOU please join me on INSTAGRAM or email me here.


I am so grateful for your presence here please take a look around x 

Bridal Hairstylist